Solo and Ensemble Registration Instructions

Instructions for Solo and Ensemble Registration

Please read through the entire document carefully.

Registration opens November 30th and closes on January 8th.

Check the TCGC website for performance dates. Instructions for loading videos will come soon.

All you have to do to register is create an Invoice…

  • Unit directors can register their entire team in one invoice OR individual students can register and pay for themselves through CompetitionSuite.
    • A Director who wants to register their whole team needs to do so at the same time - you cannot go back and add entries later. Deleting entries is easier.
      • If a Director registers their whole team, TCGC will need one payment - not individual payments per entry since this will be on one invoice.
    • The individual who creates the invoice is responsible for payment.
      • If registration is done by an individual student, they will be responsible for payment.

All registrants will need to start as a new unit


TCGC uses the CompetitionSuite system for communication, tabulation, and commentary. It is free to sign up and is required for membership.

Please follow these directions to register as a member of TCGC.

1. If you do not have an account, please create an account here:

2. Click here to signup your Solo or Ensemble NEW TO TCGC

Once the association is approved, the group name will be displayed along the left side of the page. Be sure to provide your phone number to ensure you can access your commentary from your phone!

Scroll down to Solo and Ensemble and check off “New Group”

You will then choose your Division/Classification AND fill in all the information to finish your profile.

If you have a second or third group, you will click on ADD ADDITIONAL GROUP


Now complete the payment information page.

  1. You can pay with check or credit card but you CANNOT pay with a Purchase Order.
  2. We must receive payment before your registration is complete.
    1. Please send the invoice if paying by check.


The invoice will be emailed to the email address you provided in the email field. You can also see the invoice in your unit profile under INVOICE.